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Freight Agent Program

About our Freight Agent Program

Are you ready to take your logistics career to the next level with Cargo Tech's Freight Agent Program? Cargo Tech is actively seeking motivated individuals to join our Freight Agent Program. As a leading logistics provider with extensive operations across the United States, Mexico, and Canada, we offer a unique opportunity to become part of a thriving team that values professionalism and effective solutions.

Freight Agent Program

Why Choose Cargo Tech Freight Agent Program?

Cargo Tech understands that the backbone of any successful logistics operation is its people. That's why we empower our independent freight agents with the tools, technology, and support necessary to thrive in this competitive industry. By joining us, you become part of a company committed to excellence and customer satisfaction.

What We Offer:

  • Comprehensive Support: We handle the administrative burdens so you can focus on expanding your customer base. From accounts receivable to carrier vetting, our back office support is designed to streamline your operations.

  • Advanced Technology: Utilize our state-of-the-art Transportation Management System (TMS) to efficiently manage shipments. Our integrated systems ensure you have all the resources at your fingertips to optimize your workflow.

  • Competitive Compensation: Enjoy a lucrative commission structure where your hard work directly benefits your earnings. Our transparent, straightforward compensation package is designed to support your financial success no small print or hidden fees

  • Cultural Integrity: Cargo Tech prides itself on a family-oriented business model where every agent is valued. We foster an environment of mutual respect, support, and growth.

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Become Part of a Global Network

Leverage our extensive network and industry connections to maximize your reach and reliability. With Cargo Tech, you gain access to a vast range of logistical capabilities and partnerships, ensuring that no destination is out of reach.

Get Started Today!

Embark on a rewarding career path with Cargo Tech and redefine what it means to be successful in the logistics industry. For more information on our program or to start your application process, contact us today at:

If your values align with ours, reach out....

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