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Our Comprehensive Transportation Services

Cargo Tech offers a comprehensive range of transportation services designed to meet your diverse cargo needs. Whether you require local or international shipping, expedited deliveries, specialized freight handling, or dispatch services, we've got you covered. Explore our wide array of services below:

International US-Mexico Ground Operations:

Our International US-Mexico Ground Operations bridge the gap between the United States and Mexico, offering seamless cross-border logistics solutions. We facilitate safe and efficient cargo movement between these two countries.

Continental US Ground Transportation:

Our Continental US Ground Transportation services cover transportation needs within the United States. We provide reliable ground transportation solutions across the United States to ensure your cargo reaches its destination

Same-Day Operations

Move at the speed of now with CargoTech's Same-Day Operations. Our swift and secure logistics guarantee your shipments reach their destination on the same day. Trust us for seamless deliveries—because when time is of the essence, so are we.

Flatbed Trucking Services:

Flatbed Trucking is ideal for oversized, heavy, or uniquely shaped items that can't fit into standard enclosed trailers. Our flatbed trucks provide flexibility for loading and unloading, ensuring your cargo arrives safely.

Hotshot Trucking Services:

With our Hotshot Trucking services, we provide fast and on-demand transportation for time-sensitive cargo. Our dedicated team ensures urgent deliveries are handled promptly.

Dry Van Trucking Services

Our Dry Van Trucking services utilize enclosed trailers to transport cargo securely and protect it from external elements. We ensure the safe and timely delivery of your goods, regardless of size or type.

Specialized Freight Trucking Services:

For unique cargo that requires extra care, our Specialized Freight Trucking services are tailored to meet your specific needs. We have the expertise and equipment to handle various cargo types securely.

Contact Us:

Explore our diverse range of transportation services to find the perfect solution for your cargo needs. Our experienced team is ready to assist you with any questions, provide customized quotes, and ensure your cargo is transported with care and efficiency.

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